Project website development process

All materials (texts, pictures, logos, ads, etc.) must be sent to in the first 15 days.  The Client understands hawaiiseowebdesign works with electronic systems and will not accept requests by phone.  E-mail is the most efficient way of communicating with the agency, as hawaiiseowebdesign’ system groups e-mails and important information by project.

Delivery of content must be in an organized and timely manner. Although email is what we use to keep record of requests and get pictures, we do not use it to gather the texts materials. hawaiiseowebdesign developed a friendly system that allows the clients to copy and paste texts online. The client will receive a video guide, a username and password to place the site‘s content in the system. It is very simple, like sending an email.

Text should be finalized, proofread and ready for publication. Graphics should be named carefully. hawaiiseowebdesign can provide translation upon request (additional charges will apply). If materials are not delivered within the first 15 days, all pages with missing content will be empty when the site is delivered.

Although the client has the option to post final content after training, or to request hawaiiseowebdesign to do so as a maintenance, the perfect scenario is to have all the material before the design can start, so our team of designers can get to know your company and services in order to represent you better.

After the design is finished, the designer will send the client an email. Our marketing consultant will call the client to schedule a meeting. This is the most important step of the project. It is extremely important for the client to check the design and carefully list all the main points, sending them  in an unique email, at least 24 hours before the design meeting so the designer can be better prepared.

These changes will be performed in the presence of the client. Experience has shown us that multiple email  requests are time consuming and not efficient.

Meeting Time:

  • Institutional sites: up to 1:30 hour;
  • Portal and e-commerce sites: up to 3 hours.
  • 1 hour is usually enough for approval meetings. If one meeting is not enough, the designer will setup another time and the client agrees to pay an additional fee. The designer will make sure that all the requests will be taken care of.

The decision maker must be with the designer to make final changes. The client will be required to sign an approval form after the meeting. This allows us to keep to the schedule and deliver the site within the promised date.

If the schedule is not kept, delays may occur. After the approval of the mockup design, the project goes into programming for code implementation. No design modifications will be allowed after this, until the site is ready for publication. An additional quote will be necessary for changes in design after the site is programmed. If extra revisions are necessary, they will cost from 25% to 50% of the project total amount.

hawaiiseowebdesign tries to avoid additional charges for the client. It is important to follow our guidelines to keep the project within our initial time-frame and budget.